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Special Constables – Award bargaining update

Special Constables – Award bargaining update – Sept 2017 (PDF version)

Members will be aware that bargaining on a new award began well over 12 months ago. Despite this, NSW Police are still advising that they have not received bargaining parameters from NSW Treasury. The constant delays have reached a farcical point.

Members have understandably expressed increasing frustration with the lack of progress with the Award and the delegates from your Special Constables Advisory Group have unanimously concluded that enough is enough.

As a result, the PSA yesterday wrote to NSW Police advising that a dispute will be lodged in the Industrial Relations Commission unless negotiations resume within 21 days.

In the same letter, the PSA also demanded NSW Police undertake a Hay evaluation of Special Constables grading. This should have already been completed as part of the implementation of the Capability Framework but remains outstanding. It is important that the value of the role be properly assessed and documented.

Finally, the letter demanded NSW Police immediately implement the crib breaks that all Special Constables are entitled to in accordance with the Parameters for Flexible Rostering.

Working 12 hour shifts cannot be safely undertaken without adequate breaks being given to members. These breaks are not at the discretion of NSW Police or individual supervisors – they are the rightful entitlement of every Special Constable.

A copy of the letter can be obtained from your Special Constable Advisory Group delegates:

  • Dannie Abel
  • Tony Saraceno
  • Glenn Smith
  • Mark Tucker
  • Alex Muirhead

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