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Special Constables update on progress since stop-work meetings

Special Constables Update on Progress Since Stop-Work Meetings - Nov 2019 (PDF version)

On Thursday 24 October, members at every Special Constables site participated in stop-work meetings to discuss the complete inadequacy of their Role Descriptions. Everybody feels understandably undervalued by NSW Police for the work they do, as well as insulted by a Role Description designed to deliberately understate the important, complex, and dangerous duties undertaken by Special Constables.

The PSA had its first meeting since the stop-work action with NSW Police on Monday 4 November to discuss ways forward. The following week, the PSA submitted a without prejudice outline of suggestions for ways to restructure the unit. This proposal would incorporate appropriate pay and grading, as well as potential employee related cost savings and additional duties to fund any changes.

NSW Police is in the process of reviewing these proposals and seeking internal advice on what ideas they may be willing to adopt. As such, the Industrial Relation Commission Report Back listed for Monday 18 November was stood over until Monday 25 November to allow necessary internal meetings to take place within NSW Police.

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