Staff working for Members of Parliament and Senior Parliamentary officers 2018 salaries offer - Public Service Association

Staff working for Members of Parliament and Senior Parliamentary officers 2018 salaries offer

Parliament House – Staff Working for Members of Parliament and Senior Parliamentary Officers 2018

2018 Salaries offer

This bulletin is for members NOT covered by the Parliament House (Conditions of Employment) Award 2015.

As members are aware, the State Government passed legislative changes to remove the award protections of many staff working for the NSW Parliament Services.

View the legislative changes HERE.

However, your pay and conditions remains linked to NSW Government Wages Policy and are covered by Determinations. Specifically, these are the Members’ Staff Conditions of Employment – Determination of the Presiding Officers, and the Parliamentary Senior Officers – Annual Determination of Salary Policy.

On 5 June 2018 the Department of Parliamentary Services wrote to the PSA offering a salary increase of 2.5 per cent for one year, in line with their overall wages policy for public servants. As your conditions are covered by Determination and not an award, it is not within our power to represent you in this matter before an Industrial Tribunal. On that basis we intend to write to the Department accepting the offer.


If members have an issue with this position, they are asked to raise it with us by Tuesday Monday 19 June 2018.

If there are concerns, the PSA will organise a meeting of members for the first week of the next Parliamentary sitting. If members are happy with the offer, the PSA will respond in writing to the Department and accept the deal.

It is the intention of the Department to implement the 2.5 per cent pay rise from the first full pay period after 1 July 2018. The PSA will make every effort to resolve members’ issues prior to that deadline.

Please contact Nick Player, Industrial Officer on or via your local delegate if you wish to raise a concern.


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