State and Federal government buck-passing leads to 60 job cuts of NSW Fair Work Inspectors - Public Service Association

State and Federal government buck-passing leads to 60 job cuts of NSW Fair Work Inspectors

Up 60 Fair Work Inspectors who ensure compliance of employment standards in NSW will be out of a job on 1 July after the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) and the NSW Government failed to renew the current cost sharing contract.

The Public Service Association of NSW says the decision to let the contract lapse will mean fewer inspectors on the ground across regional and metropolitan areas working to ensure compliance with basic employment entitlements such as penalty rates and minimum wages.

It will also mean the closure of NSW Industrial Relations Offices in Dubbo, Lismore, Wollongong and Newcastle.

Assistant Secretary Steve Turner said both State and Federal governments have questions to answer for the loss of jobs and services.

“The O’Farrell Government has already attempted to wash their hands of the decision, but if they were so concerned about the inspectors jobs and workplace laws in NSW, why did they refuse to contribute any money to the contract’s renewal?” Mr Turner said today.

“And how can they feign empathy for NSW public servants after promising to cut 15,000 jobs across the public service since they came to office.

“Both governments have left employees across NSW vulnerable and exposed to breaches of minimum employment standards with 60 fewer inspectors across NSW.

“These are Federal laws, but it is employees in NSW who currently benefit from the work of these inspectors. The Public Service Association of NSW calls on both the NSW and Federal governments to do what’s right by employees in NSW and keep these inspectors working,” Mr Turner said.

Contact: Jane Garcia 0434 489 533 / Steve Turner 0418 675 564

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