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State Emergency Service – Organisational Transformation update

State Emergency Service – Organisational Transformation update – June 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA met with Deputy Commissioner Abbas on Thursday, 21 June 2018 and through the JCC held on Thursday 28 June 2018, the following issues were tabled:

  • Retention of the Field Allowance
  • Flex Agreement
  • FSO temp role
  • The move to Olympic Park
  • The location of roles.

Field Allowance

The position from NSW SES regarding the Field Allowance remains that extensive analysis was undertaken which looked at the span of hours and span of work against each of these roles.

Unfortunately, NSW SES continues to maintain that the allowance is not part of the salary and that the roles that will retain the allowance stands at 68.

The PSA stressed to the NSW SES the financial impact that this will have on the individuals who currently hold the Field Allowance and put forward the position to have those grand-parented. NSW SES have advised that they are not in a financial position to do so.

NSW SES has agreed to review any individual put forward by the PSA, however, stated that a change in decision is not assured.

We ask members who wish for us to put forward to NSW SES to review their circumstances to contact us no later than 31 July 2018.

As indicated in previous bulletins, the PSA will continue to fight this decision.

Removal of current Flex Agreements

NSW SES stated that there is no change to the current Flexible Working Hours Agreement and the following is taken from the 5 April JCC as stated by Mr Quinn:

NSW SES did write to the PSA in 2013 to advise notice of termination of the flex agreement. This does not appear to have been acted upon. We are stating that we consider the notice of termination notice a spent matter, as there is presently no desire to terminate the Agreement, provided it continues to deliver flexibility and operational needs. No further action required.

And this again was reaffirmed by NSW SES during the JCC held on 28 June 2018.

The location of roles

NSW SES states that it has no intention of forcibly relocating staff and if staff are asked to re-locate, then Crown Employees Transferred Employees Compensation Award (TECA) would apply to those individuals.

As advised during the JCC, the Organisational Charts were published on 28 June 2018 with details to include the following legends:

(E) Can be based at either SHQ or any other location

(F) Attracts the Field Allowance

(M) Can be based in any location within the zone it services

(T) Temporary Role

The PSA encourages all members to review this information and advise if further questions arise.


NSW SES advised that those who go into the FSO role retain their on-going status if the role does not go beyond the 12-month period and will provide written assurance to the individuals that they will retain ongoing employment.

Further questions, as raised by members, are where are these roles to be located from and if the role does not continue, would these staff remain at their current location.

This question was answered by NSW SES under the provision of the Organisational Charts.

And again we encourage members currently within the roles of Business Managers etc. to review this information and advise if further questions arise.

The relocation with RFS to Olympic Park

NSW SES have advised that the facility whilst being co-located with RFS, they have been openly welcomed by RFS in locating into the building.

The PSA raised that we have been advised that there is inadequate staff facilities such as desk space, parking and that there has been no risk assessment completed.

NSW SES have assured the PSA that risk assessments have been undertaken. We have asked for a copy to be provided.

Regarding sufficient staff space, desk and facilities, again we were given assurances that all of these issues have been addressed and meet office accommodation guidelines.

The PSA also requested that they undertake a site inspection which has been agreed to, date to be advised.

However, the issues as raised on behalf of our members for those who will relocate to Olympic Park on whether there will be assistance given for increased travel costs and availability of parking, noting that Olympic Park parking can be both costly and, dependent upon other events, parking may not be available at all.

NSW SES advised that during operations parking will be made available for staff, however, outside of these time, costs will fall to the individual.

Member Meetings

Following from the recent meeting at SHQ we have asked our delegates to let us know key locations to visit in the upcoming weeks and if you would like a meeting to be arranged, please advise.

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