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Superannuation alert to PSA members

Since the recent transitioning of various DFSI units to SAP/GovConnect, a number of members have reported to the PSA they have not received their correct superannuation contributions. It appears the issue has become widespread affecting staff from all different super funds, in some cases this also involves employees’ super salary sacrifice not being paid either.

Many of you will be aware of this already. However, this bulletin is to simply advise members to carefully look through their past few payslips to ensure that the correct amounts of employer superannuation contribution have been paid into your super account.

We understand the Department has communicated to staff that there had been some data migration issue during transition and those issues are now being fixed.

In terms of the PSA’s actions to make certain the Department irons out the various other issues with the SAP/GovConnect system that continue to affect our members, such as overpayments, inaccurate leave records and underpayments, please watch this space.

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