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Talking temps on Teams

Talking Temps -July 2020 (PDF version)

If you are a temporary staff member, we know you are sick of being treated as a second-class member of staff at Legal Aid. At the PSA, we support all public servants, regardless of their employment status. Right now the PSA is running a campaign to improve the situation for temporary employees.

Twenty-two per cent of the Legal Aid workforce, approximately 300 people, are temporary employees – a very high number. Temporary employment is insecure work and limits the rights of workers who become pregnant or who have serious health conditions. Fear of not being renewed can poison the workplace atmosphere.

The PSA is holding a virtual union meeting using Microsoft Teams at 4:00pm on Wednesday, 22 July 2020 (link below), to discuss temporary employment arrangements within Legal Aid. This format makes it easy for staff working from home to drop into the meeting without pressure from management.

The PSA’s campaign is focusing on:

  • reducing Legal Aid’s reliance on temporary employees
  • encouraging management to show more respect for temporary employees
  • ensuring temporary employees receive timely and accurate information
  • making it easier for temporary staff to win permanent jobs
  • ensuring more fairness in contract renewal decisions.

But we need more temporary staff to get involved in the campaign. We need you to get organised and make some noise! You can make a start right away by joining the virtual union meeting on Teams and by joining the PSA. Together we can turn this around.

Other PSA members: please forward this invite to temporary staff (members or non-members) and strongly encourage them to attend. The only way the PSA can effectively campaign for change is if we have a strong membership within Legal Aid temporary staff.

To join the meeting, click HERE.

Learn more about Teams HERE.

If you have any questions, comments, or wish to be involved but can’t make this meeting, contact your PSA organiser, Glenn Duncan, at .

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