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TfNSW and RMS wage offer and award negotiations

Wage Offer - May 2021 (PDF version)

Both the TfNSW and RMS Awards are set to expire the middle of this year. Negotiations for your Award are set to commence imminently.

Earlier this year we sought your input to as to what you wanted to see in your Award. This was set to inform the PSA’s negotiations with TfNSW.

At the time TfNSW had not provided the PSA with an indication of its bargaining position. Since then TfNSW has notified the PSA they are prepared to offer an increase to wages and wage related allowances of 1.5 per cent (1.04 per cent for rate of pay and 0.5 per cent for superannuation) for one year from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2021. The PSA is still able to present and negotiate around claims raised from our member survey.

This offer is predicated on a one-year Award and has been made for the following Awards:

  • Roads and Maritime Services School Crossings Supervisors Award 2019
  • Transport for New South Wales and Sydney Metro Salaries and Conditions of Employment Award 2019
  • Roads and Maritime Services Consolidated Salaried Award 2019.

Due to the fantastic results achieved by the PSA in the previous Award negotiations TfNSW members in 2020 received a 2.5 per cent pay rise when the majority of the NSW Public Service received 0.3 per cent. It was anticipated TfNSW would offer 0.3 per cent pay rise this year to bring TfNSW in line with the rest of the NSW Public Service.

This offer means that TfNSW employees would receive some of the largest Award increases in the NSW Public Service in the past two years.

We are a union committed to representing our members in these negotiations. We are therefore asking members to tell the PSA if they would accept the above wage offer. Please note the PSA will still be progressing claims raised from our member survey regardless of this wage offer.

You can tell the PSA your views by clicking HERE.   

Please encourage all of your colleagues to take part so that your union can best represent your interests in this latest round of Award negotiations.

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