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Training, payroll and violent incidents

Training, payroll and violent incidents – October 2018 (PDF version)

Training – all SAS Staff are entitled to training.  Clause 11 of the SAS Staff award provides entitlements to training and development. Cl 11.1 states: The Department and The Association (that’s the PSA) confirm a commitment to training and development for all employees. Employees recognise their obligation to maintain and update their skills. The Department recognises its obligation to provide employees with opportunities to maintain and update their skills.

With PDPs now mandatory for all staff, it is even more important than ever that SAS Staff can gain access to training. If you are having difficulties please remind your supervisor of the above clause and document your request for training. If you are refused relevant training on more than one occasion, please contact the PSA on 1300 772 679.

SAP HR payroll

The PSA staff and delegates have raised many concerns with this new system. As advised in earlier bulletins, we managed to have the roll out of Release 4 delayed until 8 November. The PSA asked if the roll-out should be delayed until next year, however the Department has advised that the system is much improved and the roll-out will go ahead on 8 November. We have been assured this system is robust and the DoE is confident that it will work well.

Please continue to log incidents and ensure you receive an incident number. Small and large defects will only be fixed if they are reported.

The Department has advised the following:

  • Journaling – DoE is working on a new report to provide dates worked for casual staff.  When this is done staff will be advised. Members have been receiving conflicting advice from different sources. The PSA has confirmed the Department is working on a communication document to be distributed to schools (prior to the end of year) which will provide instructions in relation to the journaling process, particularly relevant to the many schools not using the WBS/IO solution. A reminder that DoE has advised that the WBS/IO Solution is not mandatory.
  • R1 and R3 schools may have noticed some of the fixes and changes that have occurred. The PSA has asked that a Communication be sent to these schools to let them know what has been fixed and that the training materials have been updated. The PSA has also requested that these communications include relevant links to access How To Guides and/or QRGs.
  • Overtime – we have been advised that the underpayment of overtime rates is presently being fixed in the system. Staff will then receive back-pay to correct these underpayments.
  • School and Community funded positions – these positions were migrated to fund code 6100.  We have been advised that this is being remedied.
  • Reason codes – advice will be provided to schools regarding the relevance and the consequences of Reason Codes.
  • Timesheet approvals – we have been advised that the ‘submit for approval’ button will be disabled. The correct procedure for these approvals is to ‘save’ then ‘release’. The Department will provide advice to schools in relation to this as many were using the submit button instead of the save and release.

Violent incidents – the Association and our Special Education Working Group have been contacted by members with concerns of the increasing violent incidents, both physical and emotional, staff are experiencing in schools. Many of these incidents have resulted in Workers’ Compensation claims and/or ongoing medical interventions.

The Department has a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace. Please ensure you report this type of incident to the Incident Report and Support hotline on 1800 811 523. You should also report the incident to the Principal but it is vital it is also reported to the hotline. The Department cannot fulfil its responsibility to you as staff members if it does not know these incidents are occurring.

If you are experiencing ongoing problems, please contact the PSA. Stay safe.


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