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Translator or interpreter? Open me

Multicultural NSW – Translator or interpreter – January (pdf version)

Do you work as a translator/interpreter for Multicultural NSW? If so, I want to talk to you.

My name is Mary Jo and I’m your PSA organiser. I’ve spent 2018 with your delegates and active members building union power in the agency, but we need more of you to get involved. The more active you are in your union, the more successful we are in advocating for your rights and conditions at work.

Did you know your Award is up for review?

The Crown Employees (Interpreters and Translators, Multicultural NSW) Award 2016 is due for review. It is currently in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. This document sets out your conditions of work, and your union is at the table ensuring that your entitlements are clearly expressed in the reviewed award.

Do you have any questions about what’s going on? Contact our Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or email me at

Want to get more involved in your union but not sure how to go about it? Email me or one of your delegates. We’re excited to have you on board!

Not a member yet? Join online today.

Do you work with other translators and interpreters? Send them this email and talk to them about the union. We’re stronger when we’re united.

Your PSA delegates are:

Bianca Naidu, Corporate Services
Rema Nazha, Language Services
Elizabeth McFarlane, Community Engagement

Your PSA staff are:

Mary Jo Costache, Organiser
Katy Ambler, Industrial Officer


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