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Transport for NSW – Joint Consultative Committee update

Transport for NSW – Joint Consultative Committee update – March 2019 (PDF version)

On Wednesday 13 March, the PSA attended the JCC (joint consultative committee) meeting with senior transport management and HR. This meeting is a chance for the PSA to raise queries which have been raised with us from the membership and for management to present the unions with updates on key changes within the organisation.

The key points from this meeting were as follows:

  • Management gave a presentation on the rail transformation project. Thirteen workshops were held during Jan/Feb with staff input. A copy of the presentations and questions asked during staff workshops are to be forwarded to the unions.
  • Updates were given on the reforms currently underway or due to begin.
  • Management raised the need to develop a standard group of WHS measures to be discussed at each JCC meeting going forward. In particular, the PSA raised the issue of a perceived increase in mental health issues over the Christmas period. We have seen a notable increase over this period.
  • A further discussion about work conduct investigations was held. We raised concerns over the excessive length of time taken to investigate matters, especially where the member has been suspended. We have requested specific timeframes for completion of investigations.
  • The PSA expressed concern at the perceived culture within the TSS area with perceptions of bias, favouritism, bullying and harassment. Management agreed further discussion may be required and further meetings are to be organised to deal with this matter.
  • Management presented the labour hire statistics (as they do every meeting). The fact was highlighted that the ratio of labour hire to full time staff is trending downwards. We requested a breakdown of labour hire at each level/grade.
  • A discussion was had on the growth and function of TfNSW since its inception in 2011. Unions are seeking further clarification on future direction of TfNSW. The question of how the increased deficiency dividend would be rolled out was asked (Now set at three per cent a year for the next four years).
  • The PSA raised the fact that the last annual report showed a 42 per cent increase in staffing numbers for Senior Service Staff (amongst large cuts to Award staff). Mnagement responded that this was mainly due to the significant infrastructure projects TfNSW was responsible for and the high levels of technical and specialist knowledge which is required.
  • It was confirmed that there was a restriction on HDA opportunities within FSP. This was to allow FSP to operate within their budget for 2018/2019.

If you have any further questions please contact your workplace organiser Ben James on 0438 485 535 or alternatively by email at

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