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Travel on official business policy review

Travel on official business policy review – May 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA was advised by the department that a review of this policy had recently been completed following recent policy changes at a whole of government level.

Essentially the changes are designed to:

  • have the travel management contractor used for all accommodation, flights & car hire
  • Encourage the use of P Cards as the main method of paying for other travel related expenses
  • Minimise / stop the use of the Per Diem allowance payments.

Delegates and PSA staff attended a meeting on 8 May to discuss the revised policy with the department.

The concerns with the proposed policy centres on ensuring that members receive their full entitlements under the award for both meal allowances and incidental expenses allowance, and that there is a mechanism to ensure that members receive the allowance prior to undertaking travel.

Appropriate levels of training, advice and support to members about proposed changes to the policy as well as the P Card were also identified as issues.

The PSA has made written submissions to the department about these matters and an update will be provided to members when a response is received.

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