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Update to TfNSW/RMS members

Update to TfNSW-RMS members - September 2020 (pdf version)

With the next phase of the Evolving Transport process beginning to take shape and proposed structures now being consulted on, the PSA wishes to update members on their employment rights and our role in this process.

RMS employment guarantee

Members who were RMS employees prior to the dissolution of RMS cannot be terminated on the grounds of redundancy, except by way of voluntary redundancy. This employment guarantee was secured by the Transport Administration Amendment (RMS Dissolution) Bill 2019. This means that members who were previously employed by RMS are guaranteed a job through the coming restructures, should they want one. This guarantee is in place until 2023.

Evolving Transport and consultation

The PSA has been heavily involved in the ongoing consultation around Evolving Transport. There is a requirement for the Department to consult with the combined transport unions on any proposed changes. While the PSA does not want to unduly hold up or extend this process and thereby extend the stress that some members may be experiencing, we want to ensure that the views of members are being expressed throughout this process and that management are appropriately managing any changes to the organisation.

If you have any further issues at work or are having any issues, please do not hesitate to contact your organizer:

Ben James
M: 0438 485 535

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