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Vacancies for Reiby Youth Justice Centre Work Place Group Delegates

Get involved and make a difference to your workplace!

There are currently a number of vacancies for Delegates available on the Reiby Youth Justice Centre Work Place Group (WPG). Please respond ASAP if you are interested in becoming a delegate!

The WPG is the peak PSA members’ representative body in your workplace. It is part of the local consultative processes on all issues that affect our members both collective and individual.

PSA Delegates are the lifeblood of the union and play an important and integral role in providing timely and responsive support to our members. The WPG meets quarterly, or as needed, and can arrange members’ meetings to identify issues require attention or resolution outside of the centre. The Industrial Relations Act provides strong protections for members and delegates in their role as representatives of the PSA in your workplace.

Unions such as the PSA rely on active members and Delegates to maintain adequate representation in workplaces and ensure information flows effectively between members in workplaces and PSA Industrial staff.

WPGs and our Delegates are the union’s eyes and ears in the workplace. Without them, the union is less effective in providing members and staff strong industrial outcomes. If you have ever considered how you can make a difference in your workplace, now is the time!

A reminder that training is available for all PSA members interested in becoming a Delegate. Members are entitled to 12 days of paid leave every two years for certain union activities, including union training. The PSA industrial staff regularly communicate with and provide industrial advice to our Delegates to ensure they are properly supported.

If you are interested and would like more information do not hesitate to contact your PSA industrial staff below.

Latu Sailosi Organiser
Gino Di Candilo Industrial Officer

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