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Vote now on your new award

Following on from our last Members meeting on 29 May 2024 the PSA committed to putting out to Members a vote to seek your support for making a new Award to replace the Crown Employees (Law Enforcement Conduct Commission) Award 2018.

The PSA acknowledges that this has been a very lengthy consultation process to get to this point. Without going into exhaustive detail but for the purpose of transparency with members, the PSA is no longer pursuing proposed changes with respect to operational staff working patterns as we were unable to reach a consent position with LECC.

Following discussions with Members whose conditions are covered by this part of the Award, it was put to LECC that the status quo of the current Award would be acceptable if the draft CSU Rostering Policy was endorsed.

The CSU Rostering Policy has since been endorsed by the LECC Executive and it is the PSA’s understanding that it is operating as intended.

For a copy of the current draft Award please click here

Some key changes that have been discussed and supported by both Members and LECC are:

  1. Changes to clause 7 Flexible Working Hours Scheme – accrued days off (ADOs)

LECC has agreed to amend the Award to allow for Surveillance Officers including technical surveillance officers and Electronic monitoring staff to be granted the ten ADOs on an annual basis in lieu of accruing throughout the year.

Please note that staff will still have to use the ADOs within that calendar year, at this point – please note the draft award has nominated the date from which the ADOs will be applied.

  1. Term of the Award

Some members have asked and the LECC has not opposed looking to make a three (3) year award, this would see the award if made be in place from 2024 to 2027.

Next steps

Following the outcome of LECC Members position as to the Award, if it is supported the PSA will advise the LECC Executive that we can enter into a consent Award and a subsequent application to make a new Award to replace the current 2018 Award will be made to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC).

If members do not support the proposed Award, it would mean reverting to a non-consent position and an arbitrated hearing in which the Commission will determine the Award.

The PSA is recommending that Members support the proposed Award.


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