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Is the WBS/IO solution doing your head in?

Is the WBS IO solution doing your head in – March 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA has heard from many members who are continuing to experience extreme frustration and feel they have been given inadequate support as they attempt to use the SAP payroll system.

The PSA has been continuously calling on the Department of Education to resolve the numerous systematic and individual issues arising from the implementation of the new system.

The PSA has met with the Department again last month to discuss the flurry of problems identified at the beginning of the school year, including incorrect and missing pays.

And then came the WBS/IO coding solution…

As members know the PSA has been active in raising your concerns about the WBS/IO coding solution with the Department. We have repeatedly pointed out the WBSIO coding solution is creating significant workload increases and in fact, has been an area of concern previously raised at the Department’s Reducing Administrative Burdens Working Group.

As the training has rolled out, members have reported that it has been highly disappointing and has not assisted them in using WBS/IO.

The PSA takes action on continuing issues

The PSA immediately contacted the Department, which agreed to a further meeting to discuss ongoing issues and to provide its feedback on the many matters the PSA has raised.

The Department’s resources and capacity to deal with the challenges being experienced are clearly inadequate.

We need your feedback!


Please take three minutes to fill in the survey emailed to members.

Your responses will be used to determine what the PSA takes to the meeting with the Department and what actions we can take if matters are not addressed.

Thank you again for your input and continuing support.

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