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We Need YOUR Feedback: Firearms Registry Restructure

FR feedback call out – July 2019 (PDF version)

Following more than 12 months of discussions and mooted proposals, the final draft of an endorsed new Firearms Registry structure was presented to Murwillumbah staff in a meeting yesterday afternoon.

PSA members should be proud of their resolve throughout this period, which has resulted in the scrapping of planned job cuts that were imminent in mid-2018.

The information from yesterday’s meeting was also circulated late yesterday afternoon to Murwillumbah staff via email including:

  • Existing Organisational Chart
  • Proposed Organisational Chart
  • Slideshow presentation

This slideshow presentation reflected a Change Management Plan (including a Placement Strategy and a Regional Impact Statement) provided to the PSA available HERE.

Note that there are no current changes proposed to functions of members based out of Policelink at Lithgow, which is why engagement with members there has not taken place in this phase of the restructure. The PSA will liaise with Policelink-based members if/when required in the future.

The PSA is pleased that appropriate consultation requirements are now being followed with two weeks currently set down to provide feedback and seek clarifications. It is intended to provide this in a written response to NSW Police by COB Tuesday 16 July from members’ collated submissions.

If it becomes clear that this timeframe is too limited for adequate consultation, or communication of answers from NSW Police over the next two weeks is not timely, the PSA will consider seeking an extension.

The PSA encourages all members to participate in this process by:

  • asking all necessary questions and clarifications of the HR Workforce Reform team, particularly while they remain on site
  • seeking all necessary information from HR Workforce Reform and Firearms Registry Management (such as Role Descriptions or other appropriate documents)
  • asking questions/providing feedback via the #FRManagement smack box
  • speaking to PSA delegate(s) on site about feedback
  • providing written feedback to the PSA per below by COB Friday 12 July
  • providing/discussing feedback with the PSA in person per below.

A meeting of PSA members will take place to discuss feedback as follows:

Tuesday 9 July
11am-12pm (member meeting)
12pm-1pm (private discussions as required)
Contact: Asren Pugh

Any member seeking individual assistance with their circumstances should contact PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 in the first instance.

All written feedback should be submitted via email to Roland Harris, A/Industrial Officer, ">


Asren Pugh (unavailable from 15 July to 22 July 2019), Regional Organiser, ">

Rebecca Reilly (unavailable from 8 July to 15 July 2019), Regional Organiser, ">

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