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What’s happening with your wage increase?

The PSA has received a number of enquiries from members surrounding the wage increase and that your most recent pay slip may not reflect any increase as yet.

It has been common practice that it may take one or more pay periods for the wage increase to be received as the payroll system needs to be updated to reflect the new pay rates. This does not occur until such time an Award is formally made and in this instance the Award was made on the 9 July 2021.

If the pay rise is not received in your next pay period, you would be able to email your payroll to seek their advice on when you could expect it to be paid.  If their response is unreasonable please let us know by emailing it to , or calling the Member Support Centre on 1300 679 772.

Rest assured that when you do receive your pay rise, it will be back dated to the first full pay period after 1st July.

Make the Union stronger, ask you colleagues to join.

Achievements such as pay increases, improvements in working conditions and having a strong voice to management are only possible because of strong union membership. Ask your colleagues to join you in fighting for safer workloads.

Anyone wishing to join the union should contact your Organiser Alex Sala at or join online at psa.asn.au/join

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