Workers Health Centre help available for pregnant members

WHC - July 2020 (PDF version)

Throughout the pandemic, the Workers Health Centre (WHC) has supported working people and helped the PSA/CPSU NSW ensure our workplaces are safer, even if that workplace is in the home. The WHC has provided ongoing advice around infection control and ergonomic support, as well as continuing its work supporting PSA/CPSU NSW members with workplace injuries and providing health education. As part of this health education, the WHC is pleased to let members know about a free pregnancy service available to all members who are expecting.

Get Healthy in Pregnancy is a FREE and confidential phone-based service through NSW Health. Pregnant workers receive personal health coaching, six months of support, lifestyle support before and after birth, and an optional to re-enrol. If you’re expecting and more than 16 years of age, this program is open to you. Benefits include better sleep, more energy; less lower-back pain; reduced stress and anxiety; reduced nausea and heartburn; and a shorter, easier and more active labour. The service works in conjunction with your GP and other obstetrics care. If you’d like to know more, click HERE to see a NSW Health brochure on our website.

For information about workplace rehabilitation and ergonomics, go to or call 9749 7666.

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