Working at home: your quick hints and tips

As the Government begins to ease restrictions and continues to monitor new COVID-19 cases, your union is here for you.

We’ve been active in your workplaces and online, supporting members during this time, and we are working together to wrap up the things you might need to know for the next few weeks. As always, if you have any questions about workplace conditions you should speak to your elected workplace leaders: your Delegate, Departmental Committee Delegate, Aboriginal or Women’s Councillor, or Central Councillor. Your Member Service Centre (MSC) is only a phone call away, as is your workplace Organiser. We are here to help. Here’s our quick round up of helpful links and tips.

Wanting to know what to claim back on tax? The ATO has a guide HERE.  

Need support with an issue or injured at work (including at home)? PSA is here to support you.

We made a number of changes to operations to better support members during COVID-19. This included expanding our Member Service Centre (MSC) hours and operating seven days a week during the peak COVID cases and changes to your workplace. We are now back to our usual operating hours as calls have slowed, but we are still available to take your calls about any workplace issues Monday- Friday. You can call us on 1300 772 679 or 02 9220 0900.

We have dedicated officers helping out members with Workers’ Compensation claims and Injury Management, whether this is work-related or not. You can be referred through our MSC when you call.  

If you are injured at work, the Workers Health Centre can help you with your queries and return to work too. They have dedicated providers in NSW. See more HERE.  

Every Department has its own EAP (Employee Assistance Program) you can use for yourself, or members of your own family. Please refer to your own Department or Agency’s Intranet for contact details.

Sitting at the dining room table for the next six weeks?

Take advantage of the Workers Health Centre Ergo (ergonomic) check HERE.

Want to upskill, or struggling with some aspect of doing your work at home?

Hardworking PSA/CPSU NSW members at TAFE NSW have supported TAFE to provide a range of free online COVID-19 support courses. You can find them all HERE.


Working at home and dealing with changes brought about by COVID-19 can be stressful. If you need assistance, here  are some services you can contact:

Lifeline You can call 133 11 14, text or online chat HERE.
Beyond Blue you can call 1300 22 46 36, and find their Covid support resources online HERE.
DV Hotline 1800 656 463

Want to get moving at home?

Physical health can help your psychological wellbeing. Many gyms and fitness organisations have shifted online. You might find your favourite class has too or a free view class on YouTube. Several PSA/CPSU NSW staff like the Australian Ballet class for beginners HERE.  

With fitness and exercise activities, members are encouraged to undertake activities at their own level and under medical guidance if at risk. Despite your workplace now being your home for people working from home, if you increase your risk, it is unlikely that any injury will be covered by workers’ compensation.



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