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Youth Justice DC meets to discuss PSA pay claim

An extraordinary meeting of the PSA Youth Justice Departmental Committee was held yesterday, 12 April 2022, to discuss the PSA wage claim.  The extraordinary meeting was held in response to the PSA Central Council passing the following motion:

This meeting of the Central Council endorses the PSA’s wage claim and calls on the NSW Government to provide all PSA members with a minimum wage increase of 3.6 per cent, exclusive of any increase to superannuation, and to provide for the payment of superannuation on the unpaid portion of the first 12 months of parental leave for our members.

This meeting of Central Council demands the repeal of Section 146C of the NSW Industrial Relations Act and the removal of all unfair workplace laws, including in relation to workers’ compensation.

If the NSW Government continues to deny PSA members fair and reasonable wage increases and access to fair and reasonable workplace laws, this meeting endorses statewide industrial action.

This to be determined by PSA Departmental, Vocational, Advisory and Workplace Committees and endorsed and coordinated by the PSA Executive and Central Council.

Your Youth Justice delegates unanimously endorsed the above motion and called on the Government to provide the wage claim above.

The Public Sector Needs a Pay Rise

The PSA is currently campaigning to scrap the State Government’s wages cap, which limits our members to pay increases of no more than 2.5 per cent (and even less as they take your Superannuation increase out of this figure), meaning your real purchasing power will go backwards.  As the state’s largest employer, this restrictive policy has a significant downward effect on the wages of everyone within NSW.

Join the campaign

You can view more information and get involved in the campaign, by signing a petition, or writing to your local MP, by visiting the following link to the PSA website

Your PSA Industrial staff will be holding meetings to discuss the campaign, and what you can do to join the fight for a fair pay rise.  Please contact the PSA staff below for more details on how you can get involved.

The Strength of the Collective

Know anyone who’s not yet a member?  Campaigns such as the above are only effective when workers stand united.  Encourage a non-member to join the PSA, and the campaign for a fair pay rise, today at

PSA industrial staff

Gino Di Candlio Industrial Officer:

Latu Sailosi Organiser:

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