Big win for ADHC members in group homes and residential facilities

Aug 30, 2017

Big win for ADHC members in group homes and residential facilities – August 2017 (PDF version)

For more than eight months the PSA has been fighting to make sure all conditions of employment of  ADHC members are transferred with them when they leave the public sector.

After a decision by the Industrial Relations Commission today we are happy to inform all ADHC staff covered by the Crown Employees (FACS) Residential Centre Support Services Staff Award and Crown Employees Ageing, Disability and Homecare NSW Department of FACS (Community Living) Award that the PSA has won the following conditions:

  • Salary Increase from 1 July 2017 and each year thereafter
  • Rostering principles
  • Special paid leave.

Congratulations to all ADHC Staff and a big thank you to our ADHC delegates who made statements as part of our case.

The first tranche of staff from Western NSW; Far West NSW and the Mid North Coast leave the public sector next week. They will be sad to leave, but we hope will gain comfort from knowing their union has won to ensure they transfer with these conditions.

We will continue to be your union and to fight for your rights and entitlements.

If you are not a member, you can join by following the link below:

PSA Wins 5% pay rise and improved job security – TFNSW

Aug 4, 2017

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PSA Wins 5% pay rise and improved job security – RMS

Aug 4, 2017

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PSA Members Vote to Maintain PDP Ban

Sep 16, 2016

PSA Members Vote to Maintain PDP Ban – 16 September 2016

PSA members in Community Services, Family and Community Services (FACS) Central and Corporate have voted to maintain current bans on employee participation in the FACS Performance Development Program.

The vote was conducted in response to a series of recommendations made by the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW on 1 September, including a recommendation the PSA lift participation bans on the agency’s Performance Development Program. For a further detailed summary of the IRC’s recommendations click HERE.

Following a 1 September conciliation conference before the IRC, the Association resolved to ballot members on whether or not lift the PDP ban in light of the Commission’s explicit recommendation.

While time constraints were a factor in voter turnout, 440 members took the opportunity to vote, with more than 70 percent voting to maintain the current ban.

The PSA has now written to FACS to advise the ban will remain in place. As such:

All PSA members are advised that the Performance Development Program (PDP) is the subject of an industrial ban and members are directed not to participate in the E-Learning, or take part in any Performance Development Program planning or implementation until FACS agrees to undertake meaningful consultation and provide the detail requested.

The ban applies to employees working in Community Services, FACS Central and Corporate only.

For further information contact your workplace delegate or

PSA win: No role description, No PDP

Sep 13, 2016

PSA win: No role description, No PDP – September 2016 (PDF version)

Your union, the PSA, has long opposed the introduction of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) Performance Development Program (PDP) into Community Services.

The PDP is currently the subject of a PSA ban for members in Community Services, and members from FACS central and corporate staff.

In the face of our ongoing opposition, FACS finally initiated dispute proceedings in the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW (IRC), where a compulsory conference was held on 1 September 2016.

At the IRC, the PSA won a recommendation that no employee should be required to take part in PDP without first having a capability-based role description.

The IRC also urged the parties to:

  • engage in further discussion around staff training needs, with the department agreeing to provide face-to-face training to staff where specifically requested by business units
  • consult to develop policy and procedures for managing unsatisfactory performance.

IRC recommendation regarding PDP Ban

However, in conjunction with the above the IRC recommended that the PSA lift our ban on implementing the PDP for employees with capability-based role descriptions, while noting the department’s commitment to transition all employees to capability based role descriptions for by February 2017. The IRC indicated that should the PSA persist with work bans, it was likely that binding orders would be made against your union, which could mean that we forfeit the more favourable recommendations.

On balance this is a favourable outcome, and the recommendations address many of the concerns that led to the implementation of the ban. However, it is the view of the PSA and the Community Services Departmental Committee that FACS has failed to commit sufficient resources, education and training to employees in supervisory and non-supervisory roles for the fair and effective implementation of PDP, which must be addressed if the PDP is to be introduced.

Have your say:

The PSA is seeking member feedback before making a decision on lifting our ban.

PSA members in Community Services and members from FACS central and corporate staff are asked to go HERE and vote on whether to lift the current ban on PDP.

Please note that the ballot closes 6pm, Tuesday 13 September.

PSA keeps up the pressure on out of home care privatisation

Read the PSA’s media release from 9 September on the need for private sector regulation HERE.

TAFE NSW Your Enterprise Agreement approved

Aug 12, 2016

TAFE NSW your Enterprise Agreement approved – August 2016 (PDF version)

The Fair Work Commission approved the Enterprise Agreement late on Monday 8 August 2016. This means the Agreement will come into force and will operate from 15 August. It also means the 2016 pay rise of 2.5 percent will now be passed on, and backdated to 1 July.

TAFE NSW should update all members shortly on when exactly the back-pay will be provided.

There are many key changes in this three-year Agreement. The PSA has been rolling out “learn your Agreement” sessions for members to gain a better understanding about what changes are in place. The most significant change will occur in six months’ time, when most employees will move to the single classification structure.

The move to a single classification system is never an easy task. Members have appeal rights that must be used in the first nine months if you don’t agree your position translates to the proposed TAFE Level.

The single best improvement for members in the new classification system is improved job design. As TAFE faces more and more cuts to courses and teaching hours, jobs can be redesigned more broadly to allow more full-time and full-year positions.

Another key improvement is the move to 35- hour week for all employees, with no loss of weekly income and no loss to Rostered Days Off. This is an excellent outcome, where TAFE NSW is ahead of the NSW Public Service, and ahead of most Australian universities.

For full details about your new Agreement, please keep an eye out for future updates, and for local lunchtime meetings to go through your new Agreement in detail. More updates will be coming out over the next few weeks about specific aspects of the new Agreement in more detail.

You can find the approved Agreement HERE.

To help your Union stay strong and to continue our fight for improved job security for TAFE NSW employees, ask your colleagues to JOIN the PSA online now. For every new member you help sign up you can receive a $75 gift card. See HERE for more details.


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