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PSA wins money owed to SAS staff

The PSA has helped win back pay for three School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) who had been underpaid for years.

Three staff members at the one school were at times engaged less than the minimum two hours per day.

When they did work more than two hours per day, they were not paid for their 10-minute morning tea break.

The three members contacted the PSA Member Support Centre (MSC).

As a result, in November 2015, the MSC contacted the industrial relations section of the Department of Education and Communities, to advocate for members.

In March 2016, numerous incidences were uncovered of underpayment to all three SLSOs, who were each found to be owed about $6000.

The SLSOs will be paid the full amount by the department, which will then recover the monies from the school.

The school is negotiating a repayment plan with the department.

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