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PSA Members Vote to Maintain PDP Ban

PSA Members Vote to Maintain PDP Ban – 16 September 2016

PSA members in Community Services, Family and Community Services (FACS) Central and Corporate have voted to maintain current bans on employee participation in the FACS Performance Development Program.

The vote was conducted in response to a series of recommendations made by the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW on 1 September, including a recommendation the PSA lift participation bans on the agency’s Performance Development Program. For a further detailed summary of the IRC’s recommendations click HERE.

Following a 1 September conciliation conference before the IRC, the Association resolved to ballot members on whether or not lift the PDP ban in light of the Commission’s explicit recommendation.

While time constraints were a factor in voter turnout, 440 members took the opportunity to vote, with more than 70 percent voting to maintain the current ban.

The PSA has now written to FACS to advise the ban will remain in place. As such:

All PSA members are advised that the Performance Development Program (PDP) is the subject of an industrial ban and members are directed not to participate in the E-Learning, or take part in any Performance Development Program planning or implementation until FACS agrees to undertake meaningful consultation and provide the detail requested.

The ban applies to employees working in Community Services, FACS Central and Corporate only.

For further information contact your workplace delegate or .

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