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Strategy Governance Division - Feb 2020 (PDF version)

As members are aware, NSWTG has sought to restructure the Strategy & Governance Division. The Division includes the Staff Experience Unit, Strategy & Policy Branch, Audit, Risk & Compliance and Change & Continuous Improvement Team. The PSA attended a meeting hosted by the director of the Strategy & Governance Division, Michelle Batterham, on Thursday, 6 February 2020 in relation to the proposed changes. During the meeting members expressed a great deal of anger and frustration in relation to the proposed changes, following the difficult and stressful transformation of 2017.

While NSWTG has deemed the changes a ‘’minor realignment’’, it is clear that at least 10 individuals are affected by the proposed changes. This is effectively half the Division. As such the PSA has requested a change management plan in order that NSWTG fully account for what they have proposed.

To date the PSA has received the following documents pursuant to the proposed changes. These include, new Role Descriptions, the Strategy & Governance Division Realignment Plan, the Powerpoint presentation on the restructure shown at the meeting, and the letter to the PSA about the proposed changes.

A number of affected members have already made contact. If you are affected and have not made contact with the PSA we encourage you to do so.

Attached for you are the documents and role descriptions. We would encourage all members to review and provide feedback to the PSA.

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