ADHC Bulletin re campaign update - 25 March 2015 - Public Service Association

ADHC Bulletin re campaign update – 25 March 2015

ADHC Bulletin re campaign update – 25 March 2015 (PDF version)

PSA campaign against privatisation is helping to give people a real choice in NSW election

As you are aware, the Baird Government is privatising all of Ageing Disability and Home Care in NSW and intends to transfer all ADHC assets to private providers by July 2018. These ADHC “assets” include publicly owned properties such as group homes and respite centres, which are currently valued at over $800 million.

Incredibly, ADHC staff are also classed as “assets” and, along with hundreds of properties, will be transferred without choice to the private sector, if Mike Baird has his way.

PSA members and families who rely on ADHC services have been campaigning vigorously around the state against these privatisation plans.

As part of our campaign, the PSA has been asking MPs and election candidates to sign a pledge to protect Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) services in NSW, to ensure clients choice and safeguard jobs. See a copy of the Candidates’ Pledge HERE.

This strategy has shifted important political ground. Where previously, any criticism of the privatisation of ADHC was seen as a criticism of the NDIS, we now have a long list of MPs who support our campaign to protect ADHC services and employees.

Notably, the Greens’ MP John Kaye and independent MPs such as Greg Piper, have helped to lead the way in their support for our campaign. Shadow Minister for Disability Services and Deputy Leader of the Opposition Linda Burney and many others in the NSW Labor caucus signed the pledge on 11 November 2014. Many more MPs and candidates have signed the pledge since then. Click HERE to see who has signed.

In response to a letter from the PSA which asked the new Opposition Leader Luke Foley to state his position on the privatisation of ADHC, Ms Burney wrote to the PSA’s Assistant General Secretary, Steve Turner, on 23 February 2015 confirming their support for direct public service delivery of Ageing, Disability and Home Care services. You can read this letter HERE.

More recently, Luke Foley has emailed carers and PSA members who have contacted him directly to reinforce the message that … the provision of public sector disability care in NSW should remain as a critical safety net and a benchmark for industry standards and should continue to ensure the availability of quality disability services, especially in regional NSW.

What can you do to support the campaign for public service jobs and services?


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