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Audit Office consultation now open

Audit Office consultation now open – November 2018 (PDF version)

The latest Joint Consultative Committee meeting between the PSA and the Audit Office occurred on 15 November.

At that meeting we were formally advised of the Performance Audit Workforce Change Program 2018-2019. There is an obligation for the employer to consult with the union as defined in your award. We were advised the consultation period is now open and they seek any responses from the union by 30 November.

Your workplace delegates will be trying to coordinate a PSA meeting very shortly. Either through that meeting or direct contact with your delegates or the PSA we welcome your views on this proposal. The PSA will then coordinate its response to management.

We were also advised or the future move of the office next year. The same requirements for consultation are required here, too.

We again seek any comments or concerns you may have and we will endeavour to resolve them with management.

The PSA is there to represent members on a variety of matters as you can see above. We are also party to the award you work under. We welcome ongoing contact with members and encourage others to join. Increased membership means increased industrial strength.

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If you have further questions, please contact PSA Organiser or your delegate.

Davis Murphy – PSA Organiser

Neil Avery – Delegate

Steven Hrdina – Delegate

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