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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Are you an AUSLAN user, or know a PSA/CPSU NSW member who is?

Are you an AUSLAN user, or know a PSA CPSU NSW member who is – September 2018 (PDF version)

PSA/CPSU NSW has training courses to suit.

In February of this year, the PSA/CPSU NSW ran two training courses, Role of the Delegate and Care and Resilience where we provided AUSLAN interpreters to assist hearing impaired members enrolled on the course.

Due to the success of that initiative, we are running two more AUSLAN supported courses on 6 November and 7 November – Dealing with Restructures and Achieving Workplace Flexibility.

AUSLAN users are invited to apply to attend these training courses.

The courses cover the following material:

Dealing with Restructures

The course looks at policy guidelines that inform the restructure process, how the PSA responds to restructures at the consultation and implementation stages, the role members and delegates can play, and allows discussion around specific restructures and case studies. Fact sheets and other resources are provided to assist members in the workplace.

Achieving Workplace Flexibility

This course looks at the benefits of workplace flexibility and what flexible work practices exist in the NSW public sector. It will examine what you can do to access and implement these flexible work practices, by providing negotiation and organising strategies.

PSA/CPSU NSW training courses are available at no charge to PSA/CPSU NSW members

PSA/CPSU NSW members are entitled to paid Trade Union Training Leave to attend these courses.

ALL members are invited and welcome. You do not have to be a delegate to obtain Trade Union Training Leave and to attend PSA/CPSU NSW training.

You do not have to be an AUSLAN user to apply for these courses, but AUSLAN users will be given preference.

The PSA/CPSU NSW provides reasonable travel and accommodation costs to attend our training courses.

Special needs

If you have a disability and/or special needs, please contact the PSA training staff at the time of your registration. We are available at or call us through the Member Support Centre at 1300 772 679.


To register please do so online at the following link: