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Australian Museum Joint Consultative Committee – PSA members Bulletin

Your PSA Delegates met with Australian Museum management for the regular Joint Consultative Committee on (JCC) 11 September 2023.

COVID Vaccination Policy

At the JCC the PSA was advised that the AM was looking to review its COVID Vaccination Policy – notably that the requirement for staff or visitors to be vaccinated or show proof of vaccination is no longer in line with current NSW Health advice.

An all-staff communication has been sent out about the proposed change and consultation will close on Friday 15 September.

For any PSA members who have any concerns in relation to this it is recommended to engage in the consultation process. It is also important to note that the AM still strongly encourages all Workers and Visitors who can safely be vaccinated to do so in line with current heath advice.

If members would like to provide feedback anonymously you are welcome to contact the PSA to do so either through your Delegates or to Member Support.

Cladding Update

The position remains the same in that the immediate risks have been mitigated. The AM is now waiting for the State Budget on 19 September where it is hoped that funding for the works will be approved. There will be extensive communications and consultation around this at the time.

Flexible Working Hours 

There was a continuation of an ongoing discussion with concerns still being raised by members as to their Flexible Working Hours (flexi time).

The AM advised that People and Culture had been working with Managers to better manage these processes with staff.

In short, the PSA expects our members to have reasonable access to flexi time as per your agreement. This means being able to take and use flexi time and more importantly not forfeiting flexi time at the end of settlement periods.

The PSA will look to survey members prior to the next JCC to assess whether this is a concern that we should be pressing management on further.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Concerns were also raised around Flexible Work Arrangements, notably some ambiguity around work from home. In the first instance members should try to resolve these arrangements with their immediate supervisor.

The PSA is always available to assist should you require any support or advice though our Member Support (details below).

Secondments and Staff Transfers

Discussions were also had as to the AMs position around secondments and/or Temporary Above Assignment or at level Assignments. Due to the nature of these arrangements, they will always need to be dealt with on a case by case basis due to the affect that they can have on business operations. Again, where needed, the PSA can provide advice and assistance to members through our Member Support.

Your PSA Delegates are:

Silvia Da Rocha

Nadiye Creek

PSA Member Support

Phone 1300 772 679 or email

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