Baird makes failed privatised child protection a “priority” - Public Service Association

Baird makes failed privatised child protection a “priority”

Media release:

Premier Mike Baird has officially declared propping up the failed privatised child protection system remains a priority for his Government said the Public Service Association (PSA).

The announcement was made as part of the “Premier’s Priorities Update” – listing 12 areas of Government focus.

Tragically, “Protecting our kids” came in at Number 7.

“Despite tragic evidence to the contrary, the Baird Government has prioritised persisting with the failed experiment of outsourcing child protection, yet expects the outcome to somehow miraculously change,” said PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright.

“12 months on from the initial announcement that there would be a 15% reduction in re-reporting of children at risk – there has been no improvement.”

“Despite the rapidly growing numbers of children reported to be at risk of significant harm and the ever increasing number taken into care, this Government refuses to increase the numbers of Community Services child protection caseworkers.”

“As the PSA highlighted recently to the Upper House Inquiry into Child Protection, there has been no increase in caseworker numbers since 2008. In fact, there are fewer funded caseworkers in Community Services today than eight years ago.”

“If the Premier is serious about effectively tackling child protection which is spiralling out of control,  he needs to increase resources and caseworkers in Community Services.”

“At present Community Services caseworkers being set up to fail,” said Troy Wright.

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