Births Deaths and Marriages Joint Consultative Committee meeting - Public Service Association

Births Deaths and Marriages Joint Consultative Committee meeting

Births Deaths and Marriages JCC - March 2020 (PDF version)

Your union, along with local Delegates, met with your employer on 12 March 2020 for a Joint Consultative Committee meeting.

At that meeting we discussed:

Updates to the RMP

There have been three weeks of consultation, 178 questions were received and 36 pieces of feedback are being considered. You can read the feedback submitted by your union HERE.

The Secretary is being briefed on the feedback. This will result in changes being made to the proposal. A FAQ is being created and will go up on the intranet. You should be able to view that now.

Your Delegates expressed concern about the uncertainty around grades and appointments. This was taken on notice by management, who are waiting for the Secretary to respond to suggested changes to the proposal. We would expect to have a response from management in the next couple of weeks.

It was confirmed that contracts are being extended to 30 June to allow for affected temporary staff to take part in recruitment.

Management also confirmed it had met with staff who have a declared disability to go through the proposal. Those staff on leave have been sent contact details so that reasonable adjustments can be made during the recruitment process. If you feel that has not happened, please contact your local Delegate or the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

The Department is workshopping what the effects of the Coronavirus might look like and is revamping the Business Continuity Plan. Look out for further information in relation to that in coming days.

Again, if you have concerns that you have not heard anything from your employer about plans to deal with the effects of the virus, please let us know.


Members had raised concerns that colleagues may be working alongside them one day and then the next be mysteriously absent with no explanation from Management. It was agreed that people have a right to confidentiality in regard to their whereabouts. Whilst the union understands this, we pointed out that workload issues should be respected. So if someone is gone/missing from your area, and it affects your workload, by all means raise concerns.

It was agreed that further meetings should be quarterly, with the next one being held around 18 June 2020. If you have any matters you would like raised at that meeting, please contact your local Delegates.

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