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Brand, Digital and Communications realignment update

Realignment update again - Aug 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA has fielded a number of concerns with how the realignment in Brand, Digital and Communications has been undertaken and we have met with Human Resources accordingly.

Following our representations the PSA has gained the following:

Priority assessment for roles externally advertised. The PSA identified a number of roles which had already been externally advertised. While HR insisted these roles had been advertised internally first, it confirmed they had only been advertised for three days. HR will ensure these roles are re-advertised internally via the jobs board, and realignment affected applicants will be given priority assessment. You should have received an email on Friday 2 August advising of the process via the Career Centre on myCareer. The PSA will advocate for our members in situations where staff feel they have been incorrectly denied a role that they have the capabilities to perform. It is vital members stay vigilant in identifying roles they may be interested in and apply accordingly, and that members notify the PSA if they haven’t been successful for a role they have the capabilities for.

Role descriptions – HR is working on creating and evaluating the new role descriptions and has confirmed its desire to get the new ones out to staff and the union as soon as possible. We have raised the concern that some people already have descriptions while others don’t and were advised that HR is working to fix that. If you are in this situation, please ask your manager in the first instance for a position description and if it’s not available, contact either your local delegate or member support and quote the call number for this matter

The PSA also raised the practice for placing staff in Higher Duties. HR confirmed there was no change in the process, or freeze on Higher Duties opportunities. Management would need to decide to fill a role temporarily, and an expression of interest distributed. There is no restriction to applying for these roles, even if the capabilities of the new role do not strictly match up, as appointments can be made for developmental purposes. Once again, the PSA will advocate for our members.

Should you wish to be included in representations the PSA will make please email your current role and location and your desired outcome to the PSA in the first instance, quoting Call No. 119538 in the subject line.

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