Bulletin POVB – 9 April 2020 - Public Service Association

Bulletin POVB – 9 April 2020

COVID-19 Related Topics


Due to the redeployment of CESU staff going to centres there has been a shortage of shifts for casuals.

CSNSW is working on strategies, i.e, AVL/Tablets Visits, increase in security measures in centres and Intel support and it is hoped this will assist the casuals in getting shifts and we are in support of these measures.

We have been very lucky in not having a positive case of COVID-19 in our centres with either a custodial staff member or inmate/s.  If that is to change it could affect up to 50% of the workforce in a centre or location.  This would mean that the reliance on casuals would increase greatly.

We are hoping with the AVL/tablets Visits etc., that there will be a greater need for casuals, especially in metro areas, in the coming days.

CESU redeployment

From all accounts the redeployment of staff to centres has gone quite smoothly. If matters arise we will work with the individuals and the locations.

It has been pleasing to hear that the staff have been welcomed into the centres and that there has been no push back.

Special Leave

We are aware that there are issues with special leave. CSNSW have produced a document that outlines where special leave can be taken and what documentation is required.  We have sent back responses on the document and we have emphasised two points of their document that we have major concerns with.

CSNSW will get back to us on our responses and their final decision on it. We will then progress this further if we cannot come to a consensus.

We ask that if you have applied and been declined special leave can you forward your documentation and the response received from CSNSW to , and

Isolation Hubs and Field Hospitals

The announcement from the Commissioner in regards to Isolation Hubs and field hospitals has shown that we are nowhere near out of the woods for COVID-19 impacting our centres.

The initiatives will assist in decreasing inmate movement around the State.  They will increase in the short term to clear centres to make way for the Hubs and hospitals.  After this takes place this will go a long way in calming members’ anxiety with the moves that have previously been taking place.

Delegates will start having consultation with managers on how this will affect the centres who have been identified as Isolation Hubs and where the field hospitals will be located.

We will work closely with the delegates to assist in any way we can to meet the objectives but to maintain safety and security.

Non-related COVID-19

  • Elections – have been delayed over the last few weeks due to the workload of the POVB Executive and the PSA staff setting up to work from home. Elections that are outstanding will be worked on next week to get up and running.
  • Workers Compensation – Amanda Cotter is going to be working on the worker’s compensation individual issue in the coming weeks. We were meant to meet monthly but due to restrictions on meetings we have not been able to and time constraints have meant we have not had time to put into the individual matters.

Amanda will work with the Welfare Officer, Trish O’Brien so she can give individuals support if required.

  • Increments – We have submitted the list. The response from CSNSW should be back to us hopefully by next week.  We will push for that and put out a bulletin next week with more information.
  • Delegates to Management Meeting – The meeting is meant to take place in June. This is for a representative from each sub branch to meet over a 3-day period.  Due to current restrictions it cannot take place. If these restrictions are to continue into June PSA/POVB are looking at other ways, teleconferencing, it could take place.

Once we have more information will let delegates know how it will take place.


Contact Details

Nicole Jess

0427 609 199

Jason Charlton
Vice Chairperson

0401 500 976

Amanda Cotter

0404 042 600

Thor Sutherland
Assistant Secretary 

0447 633 476

Darren King
Country Vice Chair

0407 935 039

Natalie Howes
Country Vice Chair

0407 011 441

David McCauley
POVB Industrial Officer

0419 022 767

David Bartle
POVB Industrial Officer

0418 425 976

Trish O’Brien
Welfare Officer

0412 120 391


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