Communities and Justice Disability Services – JCC October update - Public Service Association

Communities and Justice Disability Services – JCC October update

Communities and Justice Disability Services – JCC October update (PDF version)

A summary of issues raised by the PSA at the recent DCJ PSA Disability Services JCC held on 24 October 2019.

Change Management Plan Update

  1. Casuals Hunter residences removed from roster, ongoing casual pool Individuals advised in writing 11 October 2019.
    PSA sought advice as to casuals removed from day programs roster. DCJ advised as most residents will be transferred to new homes by end of year the workload will decrease and ongoing staff will be able to cover program. PSA also advised a number of casuals who have worked a regular continuous pattern of shifts over a number of years should have been considered for conversion to at least Temporary status under GSE rules. DCJ has agreed to review individual members’ cases as it may attract a severance payout once the step down concludes.
  2. L & D $2500 grant per member update eligibility issues, access and approval re FBT advice
    More than 100 staff have applied for the grant. Members are encouraged to apply to take advantage of this training offer. In relation to FBT advice obtained is that none applies if related to current work and DCJ responsibility if accessed post-employment after prior approval granted.
  3. Outplacement provider update – concern CJP staff access
    Name of provider should be known by 9 November DCJ insists that tender ensure service available to all CMP in scope Disability Staff across DCJ NSW sites.
  4. Workloads all sites now a WHS concern.
    PSA raised issues of workloads across work sites. DCJ confirmed previous advice that staff work to role statements and perform duties which they are qualified and accredited to perform. Any issues to be referred to immediate manager for resolution. PSA also requested that the Hunter Residences WHS committee meet regularly to monitor workload and related issues with the transfer of residents and staff to new homes. Also the shutdown of the Stockton, Tomaree and Kanangra Residences.
  5. Timeline VR’s first step down FEB 2020 admin, Project Officers Parramatta CJP.
    DCJ confirmed first step down of staff may occur February 2020 members and PSA will be advised of confirmed dates. JCC will be advised at each meeting re step down process.

Casuarina Grove

  1. Ongoing concerns re workloads in Laundry as discuss 2 October at Residential Centre House 5.
    PSA raised issue of backlog of laundry particularly on Mondays. Potential for interruption to service for residences after 8am breakfast routine. DCJ agreed to provide additional resources to assist SSO’s meet house routine obligations and ensure laundry service. JCC to monitor and consult with management re ongoing issues.
  2. Update training re manual handling and machine operation.
    Training is being rolled out all staff will be trained. Issue of staff not trained to operate machines in Laundry will be addressed.

CJP ISP Parramatta

  1. Workloads see item 1; no backfilling when staff resign
    DCJ confirmed no backfilling if staff resign. Above advice confirmed staff to work within role statements and qualifications. Workloads issues to be referred to management or PSA for resolution.
  2. Ongoing concerns re Programs ability to deliver program, Gaps occurring with Justice Psychological & Health NHRT-Forensic Mental Health referrals –NDIS funding not sufficient
    DCJ advice any clients with service concerns should be referred to Director so that DCJ can liaise with other Agencies for resolution.
  3. Ongoing program model- is/will there be a formal review? When? Remain with CJP ISP or elsewhere in Communities & Justice cluster?
    DCJ advice that there is no proposal to review current Interim transitional model as per NDIS agreement until 2021.
    PSA to write to minister to seek advice as to ongoing safety net for clients who miss out on NDIS and are likely to remain with NSW Agency in some capacity. Also clarify Governments position of purpose for Community Safety Fund.
  4. Staff seeking communication with HR regarding entitlements such as calculation of service including casual to permanent.
    DCJ advice HR team members carrying out one on one visits with staff for all CMP issues. Opportunity to raise concerns. Issues can also be forwarded to HR Change team ">
  5. Leave entitlements for Parental leave – staff advice takes LWOP instead of PLWOP. This affects calculation of VR service. Need clarification for staff.
  6. DCJ confirmed not correct advice members should contact or the PSA for resolution.

If PSA members have not already contacted a workplace delegate or the Member Support Centre please forward your questions concerning the above issues to "> please quote call number 123573.

Important dates

  • Hunter Residences LCC – 27 November 2019
  • DCJ PSA JCC – 12 December 2019

If members have any issues for the Consultative Committee meeting, please advise your PSA delegate.

Your delegates

Hunter Residences

Darrin Morgan

Sharon May

Simon Johnson

Gwenda Keenan

Michael Mackie


Heihana Henare

Casuarina Grove

Rex Wylie

Your PSA staff

Greg Shaw Industrial Officer
1300 772 679

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