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COVID-19 and Community Corrections

Covid-19 Update - March 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA has been contacted by many of you this week understandably seeking information regarding what work practices are being changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The PSA has pursued answers on your behalf and to date has only been granted one informal briefing, yesterday afternoon. We have been advised that changes to processes and policies are awaiting approval and will be circulated to you shortly. 

Frankly the response from Community Corrections to our approaches to date has been underwhelming in both urgency and detail, and grossly inferior to counterparts both within the Stronger Communities cluster and across the public sector. 

We are continuing to seek answers on matters such as incident control, cleaning, and changes to operational responsibilities both now and in the eventuality of a wider shutdown of services. 

A meeting has been scheduled between PSA representatives and Sandra Crawford next week and we hope this will provide the assurances we are demanding. 

In the interim and at the instigation of other PSA Branches within CSNSW, most notably the POVB, CSNSW has established a Command Hub in Henry Deane Building and is working collaboratively with your union on the prevention and management of any issues regarding COVID-19, particularly in the custodial setting. 

We as a community are now in a vital stage of stopping transmission of this pandemic. The PSA is here to ensure your workplace is one of the safest environments you participate in, not the most dangerous, so please let us know what you need either through your local delegates listed below or the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or (02) 9220 0900

We will advise of further developments when they come to hand, so please ensure your details are correct and monitor our social media pages and

PSA contacts

Roland Harris Industrial Officer
Leonie Wright Organiser

Your Delegates

Carmen Wells Newcastle
Ben Gillies Bathurst
Suzi Tubner Liverpool
Laurence Carroll City
Bronwyn Granger City
Shaun Grace Port Macquarie
Bart Gale Bourke
Kate Dalton Wollongong
Mick Dendy Wellington
John Eyles Orange

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