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DCJ Communities update: PSA support and access to flex

As restrictions slowly start to ease the PSA wishes to remind members that if you have any questions or concerns you can contact us for support, advice and advocacy. 

If you and your colleagues are concerned about any changes that are occurring in your workplace please contact your Delegate, Organiser or the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

The PSA is working with your Departmental Committee and workplace delegates to advance issues that may be affecting you throughout the current crisis and preparing for what comes next.

Important PSA update on COVID-19

14 April COVID-19: safety, protective equipment and temporary staff

In this update

  1. PSA socially distanced and virtual meetings
  2. Accruing flex when working from home
  3. Home office, salary sacrifice and tax resources

The PSA is back on the road – organise a meeting or visit now 

The PSA values your safety, the safety of your families and your colleagues. During the coming months, PSA Organisers will be able to visit workplaces to drop off information and to keep members informed.

PSA meetings can occur face-to-face, adhering to strict social distancing measures, or by teleconference or video call.

If you would like a meeting of staff in your workplace by teleconference, videoconference or in person please don’t hesitate to contact your Organiser discuss what best works for you and how we can connect with members and potential members safely.

Alternatively, you can contact the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 to request an in person or virtual visit or meeting. Any face-to-face visit will be conducted with strict social distancing and safety measures.

Help your colleagues stay safe, protected and supported with the PSA

Do you know someone who is not a member? 

It’s been a difficult time for everyone over the past few months and as a member you know the PSA always has your back. 

You can support the work of the PSA and delegates to get better outcomes for everyone just by asking your colleagues to JOIN.

Yes, flex time still applies when working from home

The PSA has received reports that there are still inconsistencies in how state-wide safety measures and application of conditions of employment are being implemented in different workplaces. 

While varying work and environments may need additional or different measures, there are still some principles that the PSA expects to be applied across the board. 

The PSA reminds members that they can accrue flex time when working from home.  You can read centralised DCJ advice on this HERE.

The PSA encourages all members to review the DCJ Website and Intranet for updates on:

  • Safety measures and risk assessments in both Housing and Community Services for all home visits, assertive outreach, front counter work and triaging.
  • Casework practice support for Community Services
  • Housing Service Delivery – online daily updates

You can access further information for DCJ staff HERE or on the DCJ intranet.

Home office, salary sacrifice and tax

The PSA has been contacted by members in relation to purchase of additional items to support them working from home.

The PSA cannot provide financial advice or direction however, you can find further information on this on the Australian Tax Office WEBSITE. You should also familiarise yourself with this ATO FACT SHEET.

We also remind members that there are a number of MEMBER BENEFITS that are part of your PSA membership that offer financial advice services. 

Members are also reminded that salary sacrificing arrangements are available through DCJ.

The DCJ COVID resources also outline of the resources available on its REMOTE WORKING TECHNOLOGY page.

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