DFSI – Uncertainty over incidental allowances

DFSI – Uncertainty over incidental allowances – December 2018 (PDF version)

Clause 26.6 of the Crown Employees (Public Sector Conditions of Employment) Award 2009 states an employee who works from a temporary work location shall be compensated for incidental expenses properly and reasonably incurred.

With the introduction of the P card and its associated DFSI Travel & Transport policy, the approval of the incidental allowance has come down to whether the approving officer is satisfied that the incidental expense was ‘’properly and reasonably incurred”.

The PSA has seen in recent months that this approach has predictably given rise to a wide discretion between different managers in different divisions on whether incidentals are approved or not.

There is no formal definition of ‘incidentals’ in the Award, and nor is there a definition of ‘properly and reasonably incurred’.

Therefore, the PSA would like to suggest to any member who believes they have properly and reasonably incurred their incidental expense but it is getting refused by their manager, to contact us and we will assist with resolving the matter.

We reserve the right to bring any individual matter in front of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission for its interpretation.

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