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DFSI – Update on Bathurst relocation and refit

DFSI – Update on Bathurst relocation and refit – December 2018 (PDF version)

This bulletin is to alert members that the PSA is aware of management’s building relocation and refit proposed for the Bathurst office, and that we have received emails from members in Spatial Services, Public Works and Fair Trading expressing WHS concerns with the refit.

Some of these concerns have to date been raised at a local level, others have not.

Members have requested the PSA represent staff in this matter.

Last week we wrote to management requesting a process begin with the union around consultation. This should have already occurred in our view.

We highlighted to management that effective consultation and cooperation of all involved will open lines of communication, allow the opportunity for staff to have their say and make specific suggestions. A wholesome consultation process not only makes good sense – and facilitates a better outcome – it is required under the WHS law (ss47, 48, 49 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 in particular).

We understand a working group has been set up for staff, which is a good start. However, we note that your union, to date, has not seen any proposal on the plan at all.

Our letter to management sought:

  1. whatever documents exist on the proposed relocation and refit
  2. a process of consultation begins with the union on the proposed refit.

We are now awaiting a management response.

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