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DPHI to DCCEEW – Reorganisation of Enabling Services

Members would be aware of the breakup of the Department of Planning and Environment in January 2024 and the decision to manage a number of corporate services in the Department of Climate Change Energy Environment and Water (DCCEEW) through a service level agreement with the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI).

You can read our previous bulletin on this HERE

During consultation with the PSA on the transfer of enabling services (corporate service) staff, the union questioned the logic of keeping so many corporate services staff in DPHI when they were primarily undertaking work for DCCEEW.

Now that the structure has been in place for a few months, the issues raised by the union during consultation have been borne out resulting in DPHI proposing the transfer of a number of corporate services personnel back to DCCEEW including:

  • 6 employees from the Injury Management team (including the manager)
  • 7 employees from the Safety, Health and Wellbeing team (including a Manager)
  • 12 employees from the Employee Experience, Capability and Inclusion team (including some managers and the director)

Through this process, DPHI is transferring reporting lines for several other business units including   Aboriginal People & Culture as well as Aboriginal Outcomes, Crown Lands and Public Spaces, into Aboriginal Strategy, Policy and Engagement (ASPE).

The reform is being managed via way of a change management plan (CMP) that attempts to clearly                          identify the work that is transferring as well as the roles. There is no change to role descriptions apart from reporting lines and there is no deletion of roles or requirements for staff to relocate.

The transfers to DCCEEW, in the first instance, are being administered through a preference process to determine placement.

The PSA asks members to read the CMP carefully and have their say on the proposed reform. Members who wish for the PSA to present their feedback as part of consultation can contact Michael Sinclair .

The PSA looks after our members. Reading this and not a member? It is time that you joined.

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