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Dust Diseases Board to become Dust Diseases Authority, all existing functions, expertise & staff retained

The role of the Dust Disease Board under the 2015 Insurance Reforms (PDF version)

Statement from Dominic Perrottet, NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property

“The Liberal-National Government is committed to supporting and assisting workers who are suffering from asbestos-related diseases and their families.

“As part of the broader insurance reform package, the Dust Diseases Board will become the Dust Diseases Authority, with all existing functions, expertise and staff retained. The Board of the Dust Diseases Board, will become an Advisory Committee, providing expert advice to the new Insurance and Care entity.”

“There will be no changes to the level of compensation benefits received by victims, no changes to the application process and no changes to the assessment of claims. This is about making the process better and easier for workers affected by asbestos-related illnesses.”

“These changes mean that asbestos victims will have their claims processed faster, victims support groups will get a voice at the table for the first time and the important work of the Board in promoting research and community education will continue.”

“Many asbestos affected workers are critically ill and faster claim times are essential to ensuring they can access urgent medical treatment and obtain peace of mind that they and their families will be cared for.”

“Additionally, victims support groups and other key stakeholders, will have more of say on how asbestos victims are helped through membership of the advisory committee. Employer and employee representatives will always have an important role to play and I welcome applications from current Board members to be part of the new Advisory Committee.

“These reforms are in the best interests of workers who are suffering from asbestos-related illnesses, their families and the people of NSW.”

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