Email broadcast to all members in Corrective Services - Public Service Association

Email broadcast to all members in Corrective Services

Incompetence or contempt – you decide

This State Coalition Government decided to close 3 NSW prisons and downgrade another when its own Bureau of Crime Statistics (Bocsar) said prisoner numbers were rapidly increasing. INCOMPETENCE.

On top of the changed workers compensation legislation, this Government, with the stroke of a pen, made a policy decision to stop staff from being able to use their own accrued sick leave to “top up” their workers compensation payments when injured. CONTEMPT.

Whilst the PSA has been highlighting the increased risks you face in the media, it has also been lobbying the Government to show good faith by immediately reinstating the policy which allows “top up” of workers compensation payments with accrued sick leave.

PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner wrote to Minister Elliot outlining your union’s attempts to resolve this simple “top up” pay policy matter with Baird Government ministers.

To read that letter click HERE.

The nonsensical response received from Minister Elliot does not address the issue of “top up” pay and fails to respond to a request for a meeting with the Minister to discuss the issue of overcrowding.

Instead, the Minister’s letter refers to pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE) which the PSA is already discussing with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). INCOMPETENCE and CONTEMPT.

Read the Minister’s response HERE.

Today, the PSA will write to Premier Mike Baird in a final attempt to involve Correctional staff in developing a proper plan to address the prison overcrowding debacle created by this Government.

The Government’s unwillingness to consult with its workforce in developing a workable plan for the future is the problem.


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