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Greater Sydney Parklands change: We need your input

Input CMP - Aug 2020 (PDF version)

On Monday, 24 August, the PSA was provided with a change plan for the decoupling of Centennial Park (CP) and the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG) in preparation for the Greater Sydney Parklands (GSP) changes. This plan outlines who will be moving to GSP and who will be staying with the RBG.

You can read the plan HERE.

The are two stages outlined in the proposal. The first stage involves decoupling of staff from RBG and CP. The second stage will involve the creation of the GSP structure, a combination of staff from Callan Park, CP, and Western Sydney Parklands/Parramatta Park (WSP). A review of reporting lines and role descriptions will also be undertaken for the RBG at this stage.

The attached document outlines who will be moving out of the RBG and who will be staying. Also included and the interim structures while the GSP structure is developed. The PSA will be providing a comprehensive response to this change plan, informed by the membership. Three separate meetings will be held for the RBG, CP, and WSP.

For members in CP the meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 2 at 12:30pm. The link can be found below.

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Is it vital that members read the proposed changes and provide any feedback you may have to your organiser Chris Bird at . This will undoubtedly be a difficult and uncertain time for staff, please look out for your colleagues and non-members to join the union so we can continue to advocate on behalf of staff.


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