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icare Joint Consultative Committee – Members Bulletin

icare Joint Consultative Committee – Members Bulletin March 2020 (pdf version)

The PSA attended the first JCC for 2020 on Thursday 27 February, the following bulletin is a report back to members of that meeting.

  1. Newcastle Fit-out

It was reported to the JCC that the new fit-out of the Newcastle office had run into a few issues.

The Newcastle delegate stated that it was fortunate that they were well set up for working flexibly and that it had been a testament to working flexibly.

It was noted that it was helpful having an end date in site with the new office space expected to be ready to go live from 9 March 2020.

  1. Work Health and Safety Committee Elections

So far icare has received 18 nominations for the 13 employee representative positions on the committee but with only one outside of 321 Kent St. Ideally they will be looking to also have representatives also from Wollongong, Newcastle and Gosford offices as well.

Due to the number of nominations exceeding the number of positions available on the committee there will be the need for an election process.

  1. Single icare Flexible Working Hours Agreement

Following an 88% endorsement from PSA members for a new single icare FWHA both the PSA General Secretary and icare CEO have signed off on the new agreement.

Data has now been transferred across to the new system and with the exception of transitional accrued flex leave for part-time staff there has been no issue. They are currently looking at how to correct that.

The current flex sheet will be a temporary form through to about November 2020 when it will be integrated with a new HR system.

Delegates have raised an issue with the operation of the overtime provisions for field workers with there being a discrepancy for Team Leaders who do not get defined as ‘fieldworkers’ but do spend significant periods of time in the field, icare management indicated a willingness to work with the PSA to resolve this problem.

  1. Dust Diseases Care Operational Review

A presentation was given to the JCC by Sharon Mooney General Manager, Specialist Care as to the rationale and progress of the review.

Following a members meeting earlier that day there were two key points raised by the PSA, these were:

  • The need for additional deep dives to ensure that anyone considering a change in role have a comprehensive understanding of the requirement within the new team structure; and
  • That the period of consultation is extended to ensure that all team members feel that they have had sufficient time to consider the opportunities that the new structure provides and the roles within the structure for which an employee would like to make application.

The PSA is pleased to report that this feedback was favourably received and a further opportunity for staff to attend deep dive sessions and an extension to the consultation period through to 11 March 2020.

The PSA encourages members who have any questions and feedback in relation to the proposed changes to use the consultation mechanisms provided by icare.

The next icare JCC will be on 28 May 2020.

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