Industrial Bulletin NSW Police Force - Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO) - Public Service Association

Industrial Bulletin NSW Police Force – Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO)

Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO)

The Association received a number of queries concerning the ongoing role and conditions of employment for SOCOs.

On 22 August 2013, Garry Harris (Industrial Officer) and Jason Saunders (Organiser) of the Association met with Melody Pritchard, Antun Greguric and Catherine Emery to discuss these issues.

Garry Harris, Jason Saunders and Melody Pritchard then met with A/Assistant Commissioner Sweeney on 27 August 2013.

A/Assistant Commissioner Sweeney advised that whilst it appeared that a number of SOCO positions had disappeared from the SOCO structure, the positions have not been deleted from the organisational structure (Crime Scene Services Branch) and have in some instances been used to create other classifications such as Crime Scene Officers.

The Association expressed concern with the additional workload that was created for the remaining SOCOs.

A/Assistant Commissioner Sweeney indicated that there was a serious concern raised in the general public in the delays of SOCOs responses to crime scenes.

A/Assistant Commissioner Sweeney indicated that whilst there had been some consideration of roster changes no action would take place until further consideration. The Association asserted that there would have to be consultation into any proposal that would be put forward.

The Association’s Work Health and Safety Officer, Shay Deguara prepared a submission on the SOCO Non Complex Crime proposed night work. This was forwarded to the NSWPF some time ago. A/Assistant Commissioner Sweeney advised that he and his staff had considered the PSA submission and would respond further as there were a number of concerns and questions raised in the submission that they believed required clarification and further consultation.

The Association will follow up with NSWPF in regards to this.

The Association again raised the concerns expressed by members in attending crimes scenes that were potentially unsafe.

The Association is concerned with the number of rumours that have been circulating throughout FSG and in particular through the SOCO group, and urges members who are approached with rumours to request the information to be put in writing in order that appropriate advice can be sought from PSA delegates and Industrial Staff.

Please forward your feedback to us via
You may also contact PSA Organisers
Heather Smith on 0407 498 588
Jason Saunders on 0407 280 092
or Lee Coulton on 0499 011 483.

Authorised by Anne Gardiner, General Secretary, Public Service Association of NSW, 160 Clarence Street, Sydney 2000.

Industrial Bulletin NSW Police Force – Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO) (pdf)

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