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Industrial Relation Commission hands down decision on Special Constables

At 2:00pm today the Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) handed down a decision in the PSA’s Award application seeking an adjustment of salaries for Special Constables based on the value of work being performed. Over the past 20 years Police Special Constables have been forced to undertake additional and more complex duties and have been deployed with more weapons and appointments with no recognition or additional pay to reflect these duties.

The IRC ultimately granted salary adjustments of 2 per cent.

This decision comes after nearly three years of discussion and negotiation with the NSW Police Force (NSWPF) that did not result in an outcome and ultimately resulted in a lengthy arbitration. Unfortunately, those negotiations were frustratingly protracted and subject to unnecessary delay and bureaucratic hurdles. The PSA can only conclude that the Government and NSWPF were never serious about giving Special Constables the respect they deserve.

Government can still deliver a fair offer

Despite today’s decision, we call on the NSWPF to top up the salary increase to a fair and reasonable level which recognises the value of Special Constables.  As the PSA had been negotiating on good faith on for over 12 months with the NSW Government, the PSA implores the Government to give Special Constables the respect they deserve.

The campaign continues

As the decision does not do enough to recognize the additional and more complex duties undertaken by Special Constables, the PSA will continue and ramp up our campaign for fair remuneration. Further industrial action is inevitable until this Government commits to offer a fair work value adjustment reflective of the critical work you do in safeguarding our community.

This adjustment is in addition to the government Pay Offer

This remuneration outlined above is IN ADDITION to the Government’s Pay Offer for the wider Public Service.  As per our previous bulletin, that current offer is:

  • 9.5 per cent increase to remuneration over three years
  • Two 0.5 per cent increases to superannuation over two years
  • Potential payment of $1000 cash if the Sydney Consumer Price Index rate reaches 4.5 per cent. It should be noted the rate is currently 3.8 per cent

The PSA is seeking further clarification and amendment to the Government Pay Offer outlined above. Any reasonable offer received by the PSA will be put to a ballot of members, however Special Constables will receive BOTH a work value adjustment of salaries AND the Government Pay Offer.

Despite the decision, Special Constables deserve respect

This decision, under Commissioners appointed by the previous Government, is exactly why the PSA led calls to re-establish the NSW Industrial Court. The NSW Government passed legislation last year to re-establish the IRC in Court Session as the Industrial Court, with the official commencement of the NSW Industrial Court on 1 July 2024.

The PSA would like to recognise and thank the brave delegates and witnesses who gave evidence and were subject to sometimes lengthy cross examination during the proceedings. While the decision is disappointing, your delegates stood up for all Special Constables, often in the face of great adversity, and at a significant personal cost.

The time for strong united action is now

The continuing campaign for fair remuneration will only be successful if a united workforce shows solidarity and strength.  The NSWPF and Government expect Special Constables to back down and become disheartened by the above. It is vital that all Special Constables join the PSA in taking action together. The only way to join the campaign is to join the PSA.

Non-members can join at

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