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Juvenile Justice – Come Home Safe Correction

Yesterday’s bulletin in relation to deductions from salaries incorrectly identified the Executive Director, Ms Hawyes, as the decision-maker.

We are now aware this decision was made by the Department of Justice Industrial Relations and we have raised concerns regarding this and what we consider as their unnecessarily adversarial approach with the Secretary of the Department yesterday.

In regard to the matter, we will be pursuing disputation in the Industrial Relations Commission, as it is our view that ceasing work on WHS grounds as members did on Sunday, should not result in a deduction of wages.

The PSA will be meeting with members at Frank Baxter jointly with management today and we look forward to what we anticipate is some positive developments in regards to worker and detainee safety across the Juvenile Justice system.

Once again, we apologise for incorrectly identifying Ms Hawyes as the decision-maker.

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