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Legal Aid – Issues with SAP

Legal Aid – Issues with SAP – November 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA has had extensive experience with member issues involving SAP across the Justice Cluster.

Early this year the PSA wrote to the CEO outlining some of the payroll issues. Issues included incorrect leave balances, incorrect flex balances, problems with higher duties non-payment of child support.

The biggest issue for members at Legal Aid is the inability of the SAP system to correctly document the absence of lunch breaks. Thirty minutes is the minimum which can be entered. Legal Officers caught up in court often cannot take lunch. While members should be taking lunch breaks, where lunch cannot be taken, management should be made aware. The inability of SAP to correctly record hours worked masks work health and safety issues including fatigue and overwork.

Members are encouraged to make contact with the PSA regarding further issues involving the functionality of SAP.

The PSA has already made Legal Aid aware of these SAP issues, however we are yet to receive a response.

Members are encouraged to advise PSA staff or delegates of any other issues involving SAP.

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