NSW Trustee and Guardian: COVID-19

T&G Covid-19 - March 2020 (PDF version)

The CEO has advised the PSA that NSWTG is providing regular communications to staff. It is working on flexible working arrangements, including a major effort in regard to “soft phones”, so Parramatta Service Centre staff can be split between home, Parramatta and the city. However, there are some tasks which cannot be done from home just yet. As such, the preference might be to look at splitting teams between sites so should someone get sick, part of the team has lower risk of exposure. This continues to develop as NSWTG has some significant issues with systems and manual processes to resolve first.

The CEO has been advised by the PSA that hand sanitiser and other supplies are running out. He has advised that more has been ordered, but there are difficulties due to high demand.

He has also approved variations to cleaning contracts to increase the amount of cleaning done at sites. He has asked Justice to do the same at PJP as NSWTG is not responsible for the contract.

Directors and managers are working on plans for each part of the agency as the needs and arrangements will vary. These plans will be confirmed over the next 48 hours.

The Executive is meeting at least daily to discuss the progressive advice from authorities and feedback from staff. NSWTG is managing individual staff situations and concerns in accordance with directions from the NSW Health. A pandemic response planning group has been established which is leading the work on how NSWTG respond both for members and clients. NSWTG is actively engaging with the Cluster and, where NSWTG doesn’t get answers quickly enough, directly with NSW Health.

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