POVB Bulletin - 22 May - Public Service Association

POVB Bulletin – 22 May

Serious Incidents

As all members would be aware CSNSW has been experiencing a high level of serious incidents, due to COVID restrictions, around the state in Goulburn, Mid North Coast, Shortland, Wellington and South Coast Correctional Centres.

We would like to say thank you to all our members for the amazing efforts in controlling these serious situations, for the exemplary teamwork shown and for the overwhelming support shown across the state to the effected centres.

These trying times have shown the dedication and professionalism by POVB, that we are a family and we thank you.

Staff in these centres who have had the serious incidents, if you are feeling any ill effects from them please contact the Welfare officer Trish O’Brien – .

Prison Bed Capacity Reform/Benchmarking/New Builds/ Human Resources

This week Cessnock went on strike due to their P28 staffing numbers and conflicting belief as to what the PBCAP staffing numbers were.

A meeting took place with local delegates and CSNSW management and an outcome was able to be reached that was palatable to all parties.

This incident highlighted what we already believed was a problem with PBCAP, new builds, benchmark reviews and Human Resources filling vacancies.


We have been concerned for some time that a similar approach was not being conducted for these individual processes like we did in benchmarking.

There was no checks or balances and centres were being asked to fill vacancies in centres without knowledge of what PBCAP would have on their centre.

For the situation at Cessnock it was a discrepancy of 7 staff to the full time employment numbers.

Discussions have occurred with the Commissioner and it was agreed that there will be one central process, not the three that we had and that it would be conducted in the same process as what we had with benchmarking.

This will mean that prior to the Commissioner signing off on documents it will come to PSA for the documents to be assessed and we liaise with PSA stakeholders as to whether what is stated in the documents is correct.

We are hoping to have a presentation on how we move forward given to us on Monday at the PBCAP meeting.

When we know more we will put it out in a bulletin.

Closures and restructures

Placement of staff is being worked through with Human Resources for Kariong and Emu Plains.


We are meeting regularly to work through the process to get the best possible results for members.

Unfortunately, the Government has pushed for early closures of Brewarrina and Ivanhoe and due to COVID-19 restrictions these centres will not see the send-off they deserve.

We want to thank the staff working in these remote locations for the job they did and for their dedication to these centres.

Very little incidents came out of these centres and that is a testament to the staff that worked there.

We also wish you all the best in your future endeavours and if you have decided to remain and work in other locations we know that you will be welcomed.


The field hospital based at MRRC will be officially opened next week. We have to congratulate and commend the staff that have assisted in this process and to the members of the Command Post congratulations.  It has been a huge effort and put us in good standing if we get a second wave of the virus.

We must make sure that we do not reduce our efforts in ensuring that we do not come to work when we are sick, get tested, isolate if necessary and continue to work under the guidelines and measures put into place in the workplace.



Contact Details

Nicole Jess

0427 609 199

Jason Charlton
Vice Chairperson

0401 500 976

Amanda Cotter

0404 042 600

Thor Sutherland
Assistant Secretary

0447 633 476

Darren King
Country Vice Chair

0407 935 039

Natalie Howes
Country Vice Chair

0407 011 441

David McCauley
POVB Industrial Officer

0419 022 767

David Bartle
POVB Industrial Officer

0418 425 976

Trish O’Brien
Welfare Officer

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