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POVB bulletin: Transfer lists/SCO talent pool/CESU internal EOI recruitment process

Update - June 2021 (PDF version)

On Monday 21 June, a broadcast email was sent to Security & Intelligence Division staff regarding an internal EOI process for Senior Correctional Officer and First Class Correctional Officer roles at various Court Escort Security Unit locations around NSW. The closing date for the advertised EOI process is 2 July 2021.

The POVB State Executive received a number of complaints from members who raised concerns that the current Base Grade Transfer Lists and SCO Talent Pools were being ignored by CSNSW in this process. The POVB raised those concerns to S & I Assistant Commissioner Sue Wilson and requested the Base Grade Transfer Lists be used in the first instance and that the EOI process only be adopted once the Transfer Lists for each respective location is exhausted.

The POVB also requested that the SCO Talent Pool be used instead of an EOI process in order to exhaust the SCO Talent Pool. The POVB realises our Members go through the process of applying for the SCO Talent pool and are totally opposed to the Talent Pool being overlooked for an internal EOI process.

In late 2018 Strategic HR entered consultation with the PSA/POVB in relation to abolishing Transfer Lists and moving to an annual EOI transfer process. Following that consultation, CSNSW sent out a broadcast to all staff explaining the new process and stated that staff had a final opportunity to place their name on transfer lists with a closing date of 30 April 2019. Following that date, the transfer lists would be utilised in the first instance and only when the transfer list for a respective location was exhausted, the new EOI process would be adopted for that location. This was to be implemented across CSNSW for both Custodial Corrections and S & I.

A/C Wilson has agreed to place the internal S & I EOI process on hold pending a meeting with the POVB State Executive on Wednesday 30 June. The POVB is seeking that the agreement to exhaust Transfer Lists and the use of SCO Talent Pools is consistent for all POVB Members in both Custodial Corrections as well as S & I.

You can view the CSNSW commitment regarding the transfer list HERE.

We will keep you updated on the outcome of the meetings via PSA Bulletins.

Contact details

Nicole Jess Chairperson
0427 609 199

Jason Charlton Vice Chairperson
0401 500 976

Natalie Howes Secretary                                  
0407 011 441

Mark Hutchinson Assistant Secretary
0410 031 963

Darren King Country Vice Chair
0407 935 039

Joshua Hamade Country Vice Chair             
0456 249 991

Clinton Lamb Vice Chair Overseer
0400 709 144

David McCauley POVB Industrial Officer
0419 022 767

David Bartle POVB Industrial Officer
0418 425 976

Trish O’Brien Welfare Officer
0412 120 391



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